Hello and thanks for visiting my blog posts. I’m a UX designer based in Barcelona, Spain. My roots are in New York, where I grew up. My background starts with my South-Korean family originally from Seoul, where I was born. I attended the University of NSW (Sydney, Australia) for a Bachelor of Design degree during the time when the internet was a fascinatingly new technology. I owe a great debt to the web boom which had gripped Australia in the 90’s, learned to the craft of problem-solving in digital design as I haven’t stopped learning since.

New Zealand had influenced me greatly as well, a place where I’ve started helping small-medium size companies realize their e-Commece goals. I am currently based in Barcelona Spain, for the past 14 years allowed me to work as a design consultant for various international clients in projects (anything digital).

I’ve been designing since around 1995. I design experiences for websites, apps, user interfaces, illustrate, animate, merge sound, music, video, and interesting content. I’ve used design as a way to help clients sell products, make audiences laugh, cry, and sometimes open their eyes. The story-telling aspect is what excites me mostly. The past 12 years have carried me to lead & manage projects with wonderful teams of specialists as well as interesting clients. Whether it be to fill the role as a usability expert, producer or be the designer, I enjoy helping people realize their digital goals from the first kick-off meeting to the finished product.


I’ve worked for over 50 different clients/companies, small or large, specializing in interaction design & UX. Software/app design with Human-centered design philosophy has been my drive & focus for the past decade. Brand development, marketing & advertising have been constant as I’ve worked with agencies such as Singletons Ogilvy & Mather, Aquent, Grey Group.

I’ve served 2 years with General Electric as a design lead & UX evangelist prior to consulting with HP and DDB in Barelona, Spain.

Currently I serve Wolters Kluwer as the Head of UX for the European division, facilitating UX leads in 8 countries.


You can also find me on LinkedIn or send me an email.